My first printed article.

My review of the Dark Mofo festival got published in the August 2016 print edition of Australian Book Review! This is my first ever article for the papery stuff, and my first foray into arts journalism. Admittedly, it does help that I work at ABR, but nonetheless this will (hopefully) open some doors for me as a writer. I would now like to give a churlish middle finger to anyone who sneered at me when I decided to pursue career in writing ... yes, I'm looking at you, Mum. (Kidding. She was very supportive).

The article was first published on the ABR website in late June, and while this was quite a thrill for me, having it transferred to print feels infinitely more special.

I treated myself to a typewriter with the money I earned. Viva la vie (that means "fuck saving" in French. Look it up).

- Dilan

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