Is anyone else puzzled by the way Barnaby Joyce, has been acting like some jilted lover over this whole saga involving actor Johnny Depp's dogs? And then "shock jock" Kyle Sandilands, got involved and things got more awkward.


Before you read the comic below, which outlines my theory on why he's acting so odd, take a moment to refresh yourself on one of the most bizarre episodes in Australian politics.

The Ballad of

Johnny & Barnaby

By Dilan Gunawardana


John Christopher Depp

I felt like a queen!


Among the stars of silver screen.

Another bracelet, another charm,

Upon his tattooed arm.

His interest, soon did tire.


Cupid's arrow tipped with fire,

Burned a hole through this young bloke.


I watched my heart



Go up




(Press play)

Our love had gone to the dogs.


Grab some pitchforks, fire and logs,

And stand back and watch, amazed.

As his pets are



What an insensitive wanker.

Barnaby Thomas Gerald Joyce

The end for now.